AGS CoCare: Ortho

Funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation supported a one-year planning grant to develop a strategy to market and nationally disseminate the new AGS CoCare: Ortho platform, an interdisciplinary geriatrics-orthopedics co-management model developed at the University of Rochester. The project workgroup, led by co-PIs Richard Besdine, MD, and Daniel Mendelson, MD, is overseeing two main work streams:

  • Developing a viable business strategy to scale AGS CoCare: Ortho adoption; and
  • Developing an educational curriculum that will include an online module and on-site training.

What is AGS CoCare: Ortho?

AGS CoCare: Ortho is a geriatrics-orthopedics co-management program benefitting older adults. It is an evidence-based care delivery model in which geriatrics professionals, or specially trained geriatrics co-managers work with orthopedic surgeons to coordinate and improve the perioperative care of older adults with hip fractures.

What is co-management and why is it important?

The co-care approach involves interprofessional education and practice by training hospitalists and other non-geriatrics health professionals as co-managers. Among other important objectives, this training helps to address the geriatrics workforce shortage. Coordinating geriatrics care with orthopedic surgeons, other specialists, and hospital nursing staff also increases the hospital staffs’ understanding and practice of geriatrics-based principles of care.

What is the goal of AGS CoCare: Ortho?

AGS CoCare: Ortho’s implementation of interprofessional training of hospitalists and other health professionals as co-managers, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants, will help address the geriatrics workforce shortage as well as increase healthcare providers’ knowledge and application of geriatrics principles. We look forward to collaborating with other initiatives funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation to create a wide-reaching, innovative national effort to improve the care of at-risk older adults in the hospital setting.

As part of our initial planning grant, the AGS conducted a market analysis and developed a business plan for national dissemination of AGS CoCare: Ortho. We have demonstrated a clear need and a viable market for co-management adoption and the project team has written comprehensive proposal for a three-year, Phase 2 implementation grant to support start-up of a self-sustaining enterprise.